Auto Protection

Auto Protection - What is it, and why does it matter! 

At Viriva, we’re with you at every turn. We're here for your auto loan needs and right down to helping you protect your investment. You deserve a policy that has your best interest in mind. Take a look at the available coverage options you can take advantage of as a part of your auto loan with Viriva. Best of all, some of the coverage options can be included in your monthly loan payment, making it affordable and convenient.

Get the right coverage, at the right price.  Learn more about available coverage for your auto.  

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Guaranteed Asset Protection 

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Guaranteed Asset Protection Could Save You Thousands of Dollars

In the event your auto is stolen or accidentally damaged beyond repair, there could be a big difference between what your insurance will pay and what you owe on your loan. Who is responsible for paying the difference, or the “gap,” between your insurer’s settlement and your loan balance? YOU ARE!

Member’s Choice™ Guaranteed Asset Protection could save you thousands of dollars. It is low-cost coverage that pays the potentially high-cost difference between your insurance settlement and your loan balance.

Mechanical Repair Coverage

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Lessen the Financial Burden With Mechanical Repair Coverage

You can’t choose when your vehicle breaks down, but you can choose to lessen your financial burden and inconvenience when it does. Member’s Choice™ Mechanical Repair Coverage pays for covered repairs (cost of parts and labor) on your vehicle when unexpected breakdowns occur.

Debt Protection 

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Debt Protection Helps Protect Your Loan and Preserve Your Standard of Living

Taking out a loan can be a financial gamble because anything can happen. When it does, it can cause financial hardship, making bill-paying difficult. Delinquent payments and defaulted loans can cause you to lose your assets, negatively impact your credit rating or create financial distress for your family. Having debt protection can help protect you and your family's standard of living. 

TruStage Insurance

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TruStage is Insurance the Credit Union Way

TruStage insurance products help members protect what matters most. It is backed by nearly 80 years of working in partnership with credit unions, like Viriva. TruStage offers members exclusive discounts on their personal insurance policies while providing straightforward information, real value and assurance. Additionally, it’s only for credit union members like you.