College Send-off

Many families are probably in the midst of preparing their young adults for the college send-off. While making sure campus life necessities such as housing, food, and furniture are all taken care of, what about the ability to access funds easily and quickly?

As an existing Viriva member, you can have your student set up a Viriva account of their own, so it gives you the option to send funds from your account to their account in just minutes using the It’sMe247 Online or Mobile Banking service. Along with their own account, make sure they are set up with the following services to help them become more financially prepared. 

Savings and Checking

Let’s start with the basics. One of the first steps toward real freedom (and adulthood) is having a savings and checking account in your student's own name. These accounts allow them to save money, make purchases, and pay bills efficiently. Both, however, require them to take an active management role.

As you may know, establishing a Viriva membership with a Savings Account takes just a $5.00 deposit. We also offer Free Checking with zero minimum balance required.

Debit Card

When your student opens their checking account, consider applying for a debit card with it. They can use their debit card to make purchases at a store, restaurant or make cash withdrawals when necessary. It is safer than carrying cash around.

Viriva’s Mastercard® Debit Card has a zero liability policy1, which means one less thing you have to worry about.


It can be challenging to keep on top of account activities, especially when campus life requires students to juggle various priorities, but your student must do it. Remember, taking an active role in managing their account is one of many steps towards adulting! They can use many electronic services to help them manage their finances conveniently.

Viriva’s It’sMe247 Online, and Mobile Banking App With Check Deposit, allow your student to check balances, make transfers, pay bills, set up text alerts, and more.

Credit Card

When used wisely a credit card not only provides convenience and helps your student manage their money effectively, it can help establish credit. Having a good credit history puts them ahead of the game after graduation. (Think: renting an apartment, buying a car or taking out a mortgage)

At Viriva, young adults can choose to apply for a credit card that’s right for them. We offer Three Different Credit Card Programs: Low Rate, Rewards, and Secured Credit Cards.

Being far from home and responsible for their own clean underwear, without mom and dad around, can be hard enough! Help set your student up with the financial tools for success.

Get your student set up with their own account and you both could get rewarded. Refer a new member to Viriva and receive $50 each.

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