College Send-off

Many families will soon begin the process of preparing their young adults for the college send-off. While making sure campus life necessities such as housing, food, and furniture are all taken care of, what about the ability to access funds easily and quickly?

Setting up a Viriva account with our Mastercard® Debit Card for your student will give you the option to send funds from your account to their account in just minutes and at any time using the It’sMe247 Online or Mobile Banking service. Once the funds have been transferred, your student can use their debit card to access the funds.

Being far from home and responsible for their own clean underwear, without mom and dad around, can be hard enough! Help set your student up with the financial tools to access funds fast when it’s needed.

Get your child set up with their own account and you both could get rewarded. Refer a new member to Viriva and receive $50 each.

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