Empower the Credit Union Movement

We believe every person deserves a Credit Union as their financial partner. 

Help raise awareness about the credit union movement and how credit unions are different by educating your family, friends, and co-workers.

► Credit Unions are owned by their members.

When you join a Credit Union, you become a shareholder (member-owner) along with the rest of the membership. It doesn’t matter if you have $5.00 or $500,000 in your account!

► Credit Unions exist to serve their members, not to make a profit.

Surplus income gets returned to the membership in the form of lower service fees, higher interest rates on deposit accounts, and lower loan rates! Credit Unions are what’s called a "Not-for-profit financial cooperative."

► Credit Unions believe in People Helping People.

The Credit Union industry as a whole was built on the principle of “people helping people.”

► Credit Unions have volunteer Board Members.

Board members are comprised of volunteers, who are also members of the Credit Union, with a genuine interest in working towards the betterment of the Credit Union for all members. Every year, the members receive information regarding Board elections.