eNotices and eAlerts

Gain More Security, Control, and Convenience 

Simplify your life! Stay on top of your finances with convenient account features like eNotices and eAlerts. View the short video below to learn more about these smart features and how you can start taking advantage of them.

► eNotices

Choose to alleviate clutter and take a step towards a cleaner environment. eNotices are sent directly to your It'sMe247 Online Banking Message Center, so you'll never miss an important notice again! 

  • Receive account notices faster.
  • Set up text and email alerts to notify you of an available eNotice.  
  • Unread notices will remain in your It'sMe247 Online Banking Message Center until you've opened them.
  • Conveniently manage your finances all in one place. 

► eAlerts

Want to know if your checking account balance is below a certain dollar amount or if your paycheck has been deposited? Set up eAlerts to help you stay on top of your finances. Available alert options include:

  • Account balance alerts
  • ACH deposit or withdrawal alerts
  • Loan due date alerts
  • Account eNotice alerts
  • Card Activity Alerts (Available in the It'sMe247 Mobile App) 

What will I see in my e-Notice?

You will see the entire text that you would see on a printed notice. The only difference is that it is electronic. You may also see a helpful link that takes you where you need to go next, such as a link to transfer funds to the account receiving an overdraft notice.

How long will my e-Notices appear in online banking?

You may open and read your notices at any time. While you are reading it, you may scroll down and click the Delete button to delete the message. Opened messages will remain in the Message Center for 90 days unless you choose to delete them sooner. Any unopened messages will remain in the Message Center until they are opened. 

Can I get both a paper notice and an e-Notice?

While you are subscribed to receive an eNotice, you cannot also receive a paper eNotice.

I am not receiving my e-Notice but got a paper notice instead. What is wrong?

If you request to receive email notifications about your eNotices, but we've identified your email address is invalid, you will continue to receive paper notices despite being signed up for the eNotice service. Please check your email address on the Preferences page to ensure it is correct. Then on the eAlerts page, confirm you are still enrolled in eNotices.

If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact us.