Three fun (and affordable) activities you can only do in fall.

Fall can be summed up in one word: relief. The cooler temperatures help you shake the summer heat, and more importantly, the plethora of seasonal activities provides relief for your wallet. Indeed, autumn is packed with opportunities for having fun on a budget. Below are three fun (and affordable) activities you can only do in the fall.

1. Go sightseeing – it’s completely free.

See fall foliage! Fall is a great time to get outside. For the essential seasonal experience, plan a hike with your family or friends that includes views of the changing leaves.

In many areas, foliage tends to burst in the fall in spectacular shades of red and gold. But even if your local trees put on a more modest show, sightseeing is a completely free experience.

2. Throw a DIY Halloween party

Halloween and fall go hand in hand, and you can harness the spooky holiday spirit by throwing a DIY party. Don’t worry about expensive snacks and decorations; stick with classic Halloween treats (and tricks) instead. Jack-o-lanterns and themed homemade snacks can go a long way to capturing the mood. Bonus points if you make it a costumes-required party.

3. Pumpkin carving

You don't have to be an accomplished artist to enjoy carving pumpkins. Indeed, all that's required are pumpkins (obviously), family or friends, and a little inspiration.

Feeling competitive? See who can carve the scariest, silliest, or most creative jack-o-lanterns. (The winner gets an extra helping of Halloween candy.) Savor the fun by adding candles and snapping a spooky photo of your handiwork. You can continue to enjoy the fun for years to come.

Youth Savings Account

Fall is also a great time to help your youngsters get into a simple financial routine. With as little as $5.00, you can open one of our Youth Savings Accounts for your child. Encourage them to regularly put away small (or large) amounts of money, which helps develop good financial savings habits and can set them up for financial success!

Mother and son in superhero costume playing in backyard

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