Good Grades Program

Earn extra cash for being awesome with our Good Grades program.

We've designed this program to encourage awesomeness among our young members and to develop good savings habits. 

Are you a math wiz, a science fanatic or enjoy being physically healthy? You can get rewarded for being awesome in what you love. 

Youth members can earn up to $5.00¹ each grading period for receiving an "A" in one of the following major subjects: Math, English, Science, History, and Physical/Health Education. 

For every "A" youth members receive in a qualifying school subject, get rewarded with a $1.00 deposit into your Treasure Savers or Money Masters Savings Account.

1. The youth member must be a primary account holder of a Viriva Treasure Savers or Money Masters savings account to be eligible. The member must submit a report card or official school document showing that they received a grading mark of "A" or a numerical grade of 90 and above in one of the following subjects: Math, Science, English, History, and Physical/Health Education. Other subjects are not eligible for an award.

Within 30 days of receiving a report card for the most recent grading period and after verification that the report card has met program parameters, a deposit of $1.00 for each eligible subject will be made to the savings account on which the youth named in the report card holds primary membership. The maximum deposit for any one grading period will be $5.00. The grading period must appear on each report card submitted. If a student transfers schools within a grading period, only one report card will be accepted for that period. Viriva will not honor requests from past marking periods. Please contact us for details.

This program is subject to change at any time and without notice.