Manage My Cards

Misplacing your card is not a difficult thing to do. It can happen to any of us and at any time. As your financial partner for life, we offer banking tools that help you worry less so you can focus on what's important in your life.

When faced with an emergency, such as losing or misplacing your debit or credit card, you can deactivate your card immediately to help prevent unauthorized transactions with our Manage My Cards service.

Manage My Cards

  • Deactivate your card in an emergency
  • Turn your card back on once you think it is safe
  • Report a card stolen
  • View your card activities

Get Started With Manage My Cards

Log in to the It'sMe247 Mobile Banking App using your existing online banking username and password and select ‘More’ at the bottom to access the Manage My Cards feature. This free service is another way your credit union helps you bank at the speed of life.

  • Search Viriva in your app store to download the It'sMe247 Mobile Banking App now or Learn More.
  • Need a username and password? Connect With Us.

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