Mechanical Repair Coverage

Lessen the Financial Burden With Mechanical Repair Coverage

You can’t choose when your vehicle breaks down, but you can choose to lessen your financial burden and inconvenience when it does. Member’s Choice™ Mechanical Repair Coverage pays for covered repairs (cost of parts and labor) on your vehicle when unexpected breakdowns occur.

You know how long you want to keep your car, how many miles you plan to drive it, plus your other driving habits. It only makes sense you choose the mechanical repair plan and terms of protection that are right for you without having to revert to ‘mile zero’ or the ‘in-service’ date on your vehicle. In addition, you may purchase your coverage at any time as long as your vehicle is 10 years old or newer wtih 100,000 miles or less. Once you select your plan, you’re immediately covered.

Vehicle Repair

Beyond Coverage Repairs, Mechanical Repair Coverage Includes:

  • Rental reimbursement – to keep you in a vehicle when yours is held overnight for covered repairs.
  • 24-hour, toll-free roadside assistance – which covers towing, jump starts, flat tire changing, fluid delivery (fuel, oil, etc.), and entry when keys are locked in your car.
  • Emergency travel expense – to cover lodging, meals and transportation if your vehicle is disabled due to a collision or a covered breakdown 100 or more miles from home.
  • Nationwide authorized repair facilities – from coast to coast in the US and Canada, thousands of authorized dealerships and repair facilities accept this coverage.
  • Transferable coverage – when you’re ready to sell your vehicle to a private party, you may transfer coverage to the new owner.
  • Flexible commitment – you may cancel your coverage at any time for at least a pro-rata refund.
  • No out of pocket costs (other than any applicable deductible) – don’t worry about receiving bills from your repair shop. Bills are sent directly to the plan administrator for payment of all covered repairs.

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