Money Masters Club

Help Your Teen(s) Get on the Road to Financial Success

Your teens are growing up fast! Soon they will be leaving home and managing their finances on their own. Give them the tools they need to help build a strong financial foundation with our Money Masters Club Savings Account. This program is designed to help encourage good financial savings habits, which is a foundation for good money management.

Start preparing your teen(s) now for years to come. Open a Money Masters Saving Account with a minimum deposit of just $5.00. Upon their 18th birthday, the account will automatically transition into a Regular Savings Account. We're here to assist our young members through all of life’s financial journeys. They will have the option to apply for their first checking account, debit card, credit card, auto loan, and more. 

Check out our youth financial education resources featuring podcasts, articles, and more. 

YouTH Financial Education

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