Secondary Share Savings Account

Make Your Savings Account Uniquely Yours

Whether you are starting a general savings plan or saving towards a goal, Viriva's Secondary Share Savings Accounts are an excellent way to save smarter. Set aside funds for expenses like holidays, vacations, or emergencies while earning interest at our competitive Share Savings rate. You can have as many Secondary Share Savings Accounts as you like. Keep funds separate for each goal to help make it easier to manage your finances.

Get creative and make your Secondary Share Savings Account unique to your savings goals by naming it! You can have a Holiday and Vacation Savings Fund, Home Heating Fund, Fun with Friends Fund, Date Night Fund or almost anything you like. It’s a great way to organize your budget for all your savings goals.

Open Secondary Share Savings Accounts Online

  • Log in to It'sMe247 Online Banking on a desktop computer
  • Hover over the New Accounts menu tab
  • Click on the More Share Info option
  • Under the Available Online column, click on Open within the Secondary Share account type line item
  • Follow the instructions on the next screen to fund your newly opened Secondary Share Savings Account

Customize Your Secondary Share Savings

  • After your account is open, hover over the My Accounts menu tab and select Nicknames under the Setup header
  • Type in your preferred nickname, such as Holiday or Vacation Savings Account, and click Update My Nicknames to save your changes

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