Unsecured Loans

Gain the Freedom to Do More

Unsecured loans give you an option for borrowing without the need for collateral. Choose from our unsecured Signature Loan or Personal Line of Credit options.

Signature/Personal Loans

This program is Ideal for budgeted credit goals and lets you borrow a specific amount and repay in set terms of up to 60 months.

Personal Lines of Credit

You can prepare for unexpected emergencies and overdraft protection. This line of credit features a low, variable rate and fixed monthly payments.

Signature Loans

TermExample Loan AmountAPR As Low As2Example Monthly Payment
12 Month$5,0008.99%$437.25
24 Month$5,0008.99%$228.41
36 Month$5,0008.99%$158.99
48 Month$5,0008.99%$124.41
60 Month$5,0008.99%$103.78

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an unsecured loan?

There are two types of loans: Secured and Unsecured. A secured loan is protected by an asset or collateral, like your car or home. An unsecured loan does not require any collateral.

How is a line of credit different from a traditional loan?

With a traditional loan, you get a lump sum of cash and immediately begin making payments. A personal line of credit (LOC) is different. You only make payments and pay interest on the money you advance , but the entire balance of your credit limit is available for you to use at any time. For example: If your LOC is $5,000 and you don’t advance any money, you don’t pay any interest. If you advance $1,000 for a purchase, then you will only pay interest on that amount. The remainder of your LOC is available when you need it.

What are the advantages of a personal line of credit?

In times of emergency, it’s good to have access to cash. You may find yourself facing a large medical bill, a dead air conditioner in the middle of summer, or unexpected car repair bills . A revolving personal line of credit can help you through to the other side.