Treasure Savers Club

Help Your Youth Build a Strong Financial Foundation

Teach kids basic savings principles at an early age with our Treasure Savers Club. This program will encourage your child to build good financial savings habits. Upon account opening, your child will receive a Treasure Savers packet, which contains lots of fun stuff, including their very own pirate map deposit slips, coin saver, and other cool financial literacy activities. Upon each member’s 13th birthday, he/she will be automatically enrolled in our Money Masters Club for teens!

All it takes is a minimum deposit of only $5.00 to get the child in your life on their path to financial soundness. 

What are some of the incentives offered to children for saving money?

We know incentives and rewards help engage children!

  • For our Money Masters Club, we offer the Money Masters Quarterly Prize Drawing. It’s a fun way to reinforce the positive lessons of saving and managing money wisely. Learn More about this program. 
  • Our Treasure Savers Club offers young children stickers each time they make a deposit using their very own deposit slips.  Learn More about this program. 
What is the difference between Youth Savings Programs and a regular Savings Account?

The youth programs are designed just for kids, in two age-appropriate groups. For example, the Treasure Savers for kids 12 & under has a fun pirate theme with activities and rewards that engage kids and keeps them interested. When your child turns 13 they are automatically enrolled in our Money Masters Club for Teens. Both programs are geared for kids and offer special rewards they wouldn’t get in a regular savings account.

What does my child need to get started?

You can open one of our youth savings accounts for your child with as little $5.00. The child must meet our membership eligibility and a parent or guardian over the age of 18 must be joint on the account.  Learn More about our membership eligibility.  

You will need the following information for the minor: Name, Birth Date, SSN, Address, Phone. Connect with us to get started or Submit a Membership Request online. 

Account Features

  • Treasure Savers goody packet
  • Stickers each time a deposit is made using the program’s
    deposit slip as encouragement
  • Earn Birthday Bucks from Viriva
  • Be automatically enrolled in the Money Masters
    Club upon your 13th birthday
  • No monthly account fees
  • Competitive interest rates with quarterly dividend payouts
  • Age appropriate educational resources
  • Periodic contents and prize drawings