Account to Account (A2A) Transfers

Our A2A Transfer service is another way members can bank at the speed of life.  

The A2A Transfer service gives you the option to perform on-demand account transfers from an external bank or credit union account into your Viriva account at your convenience.

Ways to use the A2A Transfer Service

  • Make loan payments without incurring any convenience fees.¹ While members can use RePay to make payments to their Viriva loan using a non-Viriva debit card for a small convenience fee, A2A Transfers is a great alternative, and it's free.¹    

  • Conveniently move money into your Viriva account to take advantage of our savings rates. It's now even easier to stash away cash. 

  • Send funds to your Viriva account and keep it active. Members can conveniently make a transfer to deposit funds into their Viriva account when necessary. 


How to enroll in Account to Account (A2A) Transfers

Follow the steps below to enroll in A2A Transfers. You will need to have a copy of a voided check OR two months of your bank statements on hand.

  • Log in to It'sMe247 Online Banking on your desktop computer (If you have never set up It'sMe247 Online Banking or forgot your login information, Connect With Us to verify your account and obtain a username and password)
  • Navigate to My Accounts and select Account to Account Transfers
  • Complete the short enrollment form
  • Upload a copy of a voided check or two months of your bank statements
  • You can also Call Us to request an enrollment form
How to make an Account to Account (A2A) Transfer

Once we approve your A2A service enrollment, you can start making transfers on the It'sMe247 Mobile App, Online Banking, or call our call center. 

On the It'sMe247 Mobile Banking App:

  • Log in using your online banking username and password
  • Navigate to Move Money 
  • Choose Transfer Money
  • Under the From Account, choose an account from the Outside Accounts section
  • Under the To Account, choose the Viriva account you want the funds to transfer into 
  • Under Enter Amount, enter the dollar amount you want to transfer
  • Select Continue to review your transfer
  • Select Accept to confirm your transfer  

Learn More About the Mobile App

On a Desktop Computer: 

  • Log in to It'sMe247 Online Banking (If you have never set up It'sMe247 Online Banking or forgot your login information, Connect With Us to verify your account and obtain a username and password) 
  • Navigate to the Pay & Transfer tab and select Transfer Money
  • Under Step 2: Where am I getting the money, select My accounts at other financial institutions
  • Under Step 3: Where's it going, select the Viriva account you want to transfer the money into
  • Under Step 4, enter the amount you want to transfer
  • Select Continue with transfer 
  • Select I authorize this transfer to process your transfer

Learn More About Online Banking

Call Us: 

  • For members already enrolled in our A2A Transfer service, if you prefer, you may Call Us to have a member service representative process the A2A transfer for a small fee of $2.00.   
How do I get online banking?

If you recently joined Viriva, you’ll have 7 days from the date of your membership to log in using the temporary username and password that was provided to you at account opening. For your security, you must contact us to reset your password after the 7th day.

We’re all about protecting our members’ information. If you are a long-standing member and it is the first time you are logging in, please Call Us to verify your account.

How do I get the mobile app?

Viriva's It'sMe247 Mobile Banking App is available for download on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Search Viriva in your app store to download our free app today.

1. The service is free when you initiate A2A transfers using the It'sMe247 Online or Mobile Banking App. If you are not an online banking user, you can contact our Call Center, and a member service representative can initiate the A2A transfer on your behalf for a $2.00 fee. You must first enroll and get approved for the service before we can initiate any A2A transfers.