Cyber Security Tips

October is National Cyber Security Month. With endless activities happening online everyday such as shopping, connecting with friends and family, virtual learning, streaming movies, music, and books, it's undeniable the Internet is an integral part of everyday life and all the more reason to #BeCyberSmart.

Below are some tips to help protect yourself while banking online. 

Kick it before you click it!

Look out for Spam and Phishing emails. Cybercriminals can be very clever when attempting to lure people into clicking on a link or opening an attachment. If you received a suspicious communication identifying Viriva as the sender, Connect With Us to confirm its legitimacy. Remember, we will never contact you and ask for account password or credit card information.

Set strong passwords and change them periodically.

Don’t use the same password for all of your accounts. If your password can be found in the dictionary, it is not strong enough. Use a string of text that mixes numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters, and special characters. Use a word or phrase that you can remember and change some of the letters into numbers and special characters. Passwords should also be at least eight characters long.

Turn on Card Transaction Alerts.

Get instant notification of charges the moment a transaction hits your debit or credit card with transaction alerts. You'll receive a push notification on your mobile device telling you where and how much has been charged. Turning on alerts will help you keep abreast of possible fraudulent activities. This option is available within the It'sMe247 Mobile Banking App under Manage My Cards. Learn More

Want more resources? 

Visit the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency website, an official site of the Department of Homeland Security, for more information.