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Connect with us to discuss our financial relief options. 

We understand many of our members may be experiencing unexpected financial hardship due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We’re all in this together, and as your financial partner, we’re here to help you get through it. If you need assistance, connect with us to discuss available options for your situation. 

Speak with a Viriva lending expert about solutions such as skipping a single loan payment, or your options to defer payments for a longer time period. We're also making exceptions on some fees and penalties. Take a look at your options below. Complete a contact request form or call us directly to learn more.

► Skip or Defer Payments on Existing Loans

Members with an existing Viriva loan can choose to skip a payment on eligible loans and we'll waive the processing fee. You can also request to defer your payments for up to 90 days. Get Details ›

► 6 Month No Payment Emergency Loan

Borrow up to $3,000 and make no payments for six months with rates as low as 9.74% APR. At maturity, you'll have the option to pay the principal plus interest in full or refinance it into a Viriva Signature Loan with our normal rates and terms. Get Details ›

► Promotional Fixed Rates as Low as 5% APR Emergency Loan

Borrow up to $3,000 and choose between a 1-year term at 5% APR, 2-year term at 6% APR or 3-year term at 7% APR. Receive 90 days no payment. Get Details ›

► Competitive Rate Auto & Home Equity Loans with 90 Days No Payment

Take advantage of today's historically low rates and apply for a new or refinance your existing loan. Loans applied directly with Viriva will have the option to defer payments for 90 days. We'll also waive processing fees for Home Equity Loans regardless of the loan amount.  Get Details ›

Courtesy Fee Waivers & Reductions May Be Available

  • Loan late payments
  • Loan skip-a-payment processing
  • 15-day payment grace period for credit cards
  • Credit card cash advance 

Get Details ›

► Other Options & Accommodations Available to Members  

  • Low-rate personal line of credit and credit cards available 
  • Request an increase on an existing line of credit
  • Request an increase on your ATM daily cash withdrawal or purchase limits

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Contact us directly or complete the inquiry form below:

All: Loans and payment skips/deferrals subject to credit approval and membership eligibility. All offers are for a limited time and may change or be withdrawn at any time without prior notice. Documentation of your COVID-19 related hardship may be required. Other restrictions may apply. Contact us for details and to discuss the options best for you.

Skip-a-Pay: Subject to loan eligibility and skip limits. Skipped payments extend a loan’s term beyond the contract date. Interest accrues during a skipped payment month. Regular payments resume on the due date following the skipped month. All borrowers must sign a skipped payment request. Loans must be current to qualify. Please allow 3 business days to process your request.

Payment Deferral: Subject to loan eligibility. You may defer payment up to 90 days. Interest will accrue during the deferment period. Payments resume on the due date in the month after deferment ends. All borrowers must sign deferral request. Please allow 3 business days to process your request. Limited time offer.

6-month Emergency Loan: APR based on your credit and range from 9.74 - 18.00%. Loan amounts of $500 - $3000 available. No payments due until maturity. Interest accumulates during loan term. Payment on $1,000 loan at 9.74% APR for 6-month term would be $1,070.16 at maturity. Refinance option is available at maturity.

5% Emergency Loan: APR based on loan-term. Loan amounts of $500 - $3000 available. You may defer the first payment for 90 days and make payment beginning on the due date in the fourth month as disclosed in the loan agreement. Interest accumulates during the deferment period. Payment on $1,000 loan at 5% APR for 12-month term would be $85.61.

Auto & Home Equity: APRs based on your credit, loan type, and term. You may defer the first payment for 90 days and make payment beginning on the due date in the fourth month as disclosed in your loan agreement. Interest accumulates during deferment period. Must apply directly with Viriva Community Credit Union to qualify for payment deferment. Loans derived through Rate Genius, KLA and TruHome indirect channels are not eligible. Home Equity Loan fee waiver is for a limited time. View Available Rates & Terms

Fee Waivers: Some fees may be waived automatically. Please contact us for a fee waiver request or if you have any questions.