Why You Should Submit a Travel Notification

If you are traveling, don’t forget to let Viriva know about your plans. It’s a simple and proactive step you can take to help ensure your time on the road won’t hit any speedbumps.

Why does notifying Viriva about your travel plans matter?

If you are traveling far from home and use your Viriva Mastercard® Debit or Credit Card to make a purchase, it may get flagged as possible fraudulent activity, as it's outside of your normal purchase pattern. If this happens, your transaction may get declined. At which point, you will have to contact our call center to let us know you authorized the transaction and then attempt to make the purchase again. This speedbump may feel like a pain in the neck, especially if it interrupts family time, but it ensures your funds stay safe and secure. You can avoid possibly experiencing this situation altogether by letting us know about your travel plans ahead of your departure.

To notify us about your travel plans, simply give us a call or submit a Travel Notification online. You can access our online form by logging into It'sMe247 Online Banking and navigate to Requests, then Travel Notification. Be sure to have the following information on hand.

  • The specific dates you’ll be away
  • The names of specific cardholders and the last 4 digits of the cards
  • A list of all domestic or international travel destinations (including the country name, states, and cities)

After we make a note on your account about your plans, you’ll be able to enjoy more and worry less.

Want more security and control over your debit and credit cards?

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Check out our Manage My Cards tool within the It'sMe247 Mobile Banking App.

  • Deactivate your card in an emergency
  • Temporarily turn your card off and back on again in seconds
  • Get notified every time your card gets used
  • Review recent activities
  • Report your card as lost or stolen